Are you struggling to balance your mental and physical health? Do you feel like your options are limited to medicine A or medicine B and not looking at a full array of treatments that may work for you?

You need, no DESERVE, a more comprehensive approach to your mental health.

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Ryan Thebo, DNP, PMHNP, FNP, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, is one of the lead psychiatric providers at Psychiatrists San Diego, Psychiatric Care NPs.

Meet Ryan Thebo!

Ryan Thebo, DNP, PMHNP, FNP, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, is one of the lead psychiatric providers at Psychiatrists San Diego, Psychiatric Care NPs. With his team of psychiatrists and psychiatric providers in San Diego, they want to change the world of psychiatry and improve mental health care specifically for YOU.

Ryan has over a decade of experience working across a variety of settings including psychiatry and integrative family practice settings. His doctoral training is in psychiatry and family practice.

Holistic Means Personal—Personal Means You Don’t Get A One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Ryan is adamant that too many providers treat psychiatric and mental health conditions with “one-size-fits-all” solutions. The result is people are missing out the care that talks to their specific needs and demands (in mental health, physical health, emotional health, and life in general).

A holistic approach should mean a personal approach. You should be looking at all the options that work for that specific individual and their personal circumstances. Personal circumstances may reveal conditions that are stemming from a singular root cause, or variables that are sources for multiple mental health conditions. This also means on-going treatment isn’t necessary for every person (yes, you may not always need to be on medicine and sometimes your circumstances cause temporary conditions that he still wants to help you with).

Why Ryan Provides Psychiatric Care with a Holistic Approach

As Ryan worked in medical settings and with other doctors over the year, he noticed a gap in treatment for many of the patients being seen by their providers. Most of them were being prescribed medicine, but not provided advice on their external influences, diet, exercise, and other factors.

And all of these patients were still struggling; they were not as complete as they could be. He recognized these patients weren’t reaching the peak of their potential because just their symptoms were being treated, but the root cause of these symptoms wasn’t being addressed.

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Hagop Jack Mkryoan, MSN, PMHNP, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is one of our lead psychiatric providers for medication management utilizing a holistic approach.

Meet Jack Mkroyan!

Jack Mkryoan, MSN, PMHNP, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is one of our lead psychiatric providers for medication management utilizing a holistic approach. His goal is to help you not only reach your optimal wellness but facilitate changes in your life that last. His holistic, patient-centered approach to psychiatry looks at the short term and the cumulative, long-term impact of your treatment.

During his appointments, he wants to listen to you and your concerns, and collaborate to develop a treatment plan that balances the demands in your life to give you the win-win you need to thrive. He provides holistic approaches to mental health that incorporates medications when needed, nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and other aspects that address your mental wellness.

No Two Clients Are Alike

When it comes to mental health and wellness in psychiatry, no two people are alike. Or at least that’s what Jack adamantly believes.

Consequently, the symptoms of a mental health ailment may overlap whereas the underlying root causes are often specific to each individual’s unique and ever-evolving composition of mental health. It is often a culmination of environmental interactions throughout life that collectively shapes each individual’s health status.

Who you are, what you like, what you do, your upbringing, your genetic make-up, what you feel—it all makes your conditions unique to you. It also means treatment that worked on someone else may not be the best fit for you. You deserve personalized treatment, and Jack believes that.

Why Jack Works in Psychiatry

“Many of the patients that I have seen over the years will come to us having already tried many different medications that were ineffective.” Jack recognized that often people were left on partially treated, or were missing out on opportunities for treatment because their psychiatric care providers were not taking in all aspects of their life (and therefore treatment options) into account.

He aims to blend traditional, medicinal care with alternative treatments in a holistic approach to mental health treatment to move you more effectively from symptom management towards being in optimal state of mental health wellness.

Taking Care of the Whole You—Our Services

Have you ever left a psychiatric appointment feeling like you just weren’t fully heard? Or like a part of your life was left in a dark corner never addressed?

A holistic approach should look at the WHOLE you—not leaving stones not turned and the real problem left in a dark corner.

Our services aim to bring light to all the corners of your care; balancing diet, external factors, with appropriate medication management. Each person’s symptoms are rooted in different causes, and understanding what those causes mean and how they affect you individually should change the way you are treated. You are an individual—you deserve to be treated accordingly to your needs and not a one-size-fit all method.

Our services focus on an in-depth meeting to understand you, your life, and what factors in your life are impacting your mental health. During your visits, Ryan listens carefully to your specific concerns and want to collaborate with you on a developing a treatment plan—meaning your wants, needs, and life are actually taken into consideration. Ryan and his staff want to find a treatment plan that balances your physical and mental health.

With each patient, a major treatment approach is to help you actively reach your specific peak wellness by moving from survival based on symptoms management toward treatment that allows you to thrive in an optimal state of wellness.

In addition to medication management, a major emphasis in training and treatment approach for PMHNPs is on health promotion and coaching, supportive therapy, and disease prevention tailored to the uniqueness of each patient.

As psychiatrists and psychiatric care providers in San Diego, we believe in helping you reach your peak wellness. We want to see the whole you.

Why Telehealth? Psychiatry That Is Always Near You

Removing the barriers to mental health access is a huge driver for why the psychiatric care providers at Psychiatrists San Diego, Psychiatric Care NPs offer telehealth services. Because psychiatric services can already be emotionally or mentally taxing to address, we don’t want the travel or thought of in-person to deter you from getting the help you deserve.

Jack Mkroyan states “I believe mental health should be accessible without unnecessary barriers to receiving care, which is why I provide telepsychiatry services to patients with flexible online appointment scheduling.”

We offer our appointments via Telemedicine (Telepsychiatry) Services, so that you can conveniently be seen from your home for psychiatry appointments and medication management without the need to travel. Many patients prefer telepsychiatry over in-person appointments and often feel at ease no having to deal with in person waiting rooms, parking, and lengthy wait times which leaves patients with more time to do beneficial leisure activities for their mental health.

We provide the same psychiatry services as an in-person office visit and we can also address other aspects that encompass your complete wellness. Our aim is to help you to thrive at your best by breaking down barriers (like travel or fitting it into a busy schedule). You can easily self-schedule a Telepsychiatry video appointment now, all on your own time frame!