Better Than Normal! Tech Executive Harnesses ADHD with Therapy in San Diego

Almost any activity can be overwhelming for people with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Whether at school, work, or at home, you struggle to maintain a normal outlook and remain calm against pressure. ADHD also knows no age or gender. Kids as young as three years old may display symptoms, which can be mild, moderate, or severe.

And the symptoms cannot be outgrown. Most often, you carry them to your adulthood. You can be a mother, father, businessman, a student, or a professional, and still struggle with ADHD. This story is nothing new. A successful San Diego tech executive was having a hard time focusing and it was disrupting his work and personal life. He was becoming overwhelmed with responsibilities in his work, school, and dwindling social life.

This individual came to us seeking help, which ultimately guided us to help him overcome these patterns and thoughts–a strategy of therapy focused on adults with ADHD.

But how did the therapy work? Did he really see that big of a change? Take a look into his symptoms, and circumstances, and discuss strategies that could help you with your ADHD and lack of motivation.

ADHD and Motivation at Work and School

Successful people are always on the move and love to learn new things. Even while working as a tech executive, our client decided to continue schooling simultaneously. He’s a motivated man who wants to achieve great things in life and he was aware of the responsibilities of being a full-time employee and a student.

Working and studying demand a lot of focus, patience, and creativity. Some days, he had to work longer than 40 hours a week, and other days he had to attend consecutive meetings, and brainstorm ideas. He also worked on weekends when necessary. On the side, he had to review lessons and complete assignments.

Despite the overwhelming workload, he was determined and motivated. He was a top performer in the office and successful with work strategies. This trend in his career went on for some time and the future looked good for him until…

Performance Issues: What Led Our Client to Seek an ADHD Psych Evaluation from our San Diego Clinic

For some time, our client felt normal physically and mentally, but as the workload piled up, he began to feel great pressure. Eventually, he changed from being determined to being distracted and worked up without accomplishing anything.

At work, he would forget to check and respond to emails or fail to sort out projects. At school, he was unable to focus on his subjects. He even had to repeat a class due to poor grades, which served as the last straw. It was during this time that he came to us for help.

What He Needed: ADHD Therapy in San Diego for Adults

We started a comprehensive ADHD psych evaluation in our San Diego clinic, which helped us figure out the kind of medication that fits him and other treatment options we can explore, including cognitive-behavioral therapy.

The mental health care providers at Peak Wellness have been handling various ADHD cases for years, and we know that each case is unique. A child may respond differently to treatments than adults. That said, we form an ADHD treatment program based on your symptoms, lifestyle, age, and other factors. That is the same thing that we did for our client.

Medication and Behavioral Therapy for ADHD

After a complete psych evaluation, we started our client off with a stimulant that worked for the first few weeks. He noticed an improvement in his quality of life, being able to focus and get things done on time efficiently. However, he still had some trouble focusing on his studies. He had his hands full from work and school, and we understood the difficulties he was having at that time.

In his case, we combined medication with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which made the most impact in managing his ADHD.

We created a reminder system that allowed him to do his tasks when needed and developed positive cues and reforms so he could perform the desired behavior. By doing this practice, he was able to get ahead of his tasks and avoid unnecessary stress.

How Medication Management and CBT Changed This Tech Executive’s Life

The treatment program that our team of mental health providers designed for our client soon had positive effects on his life. It became obvious to him when to do things and what negative habits to avoid. He stayed on the prescribed medication, too.

Medication management, which is the combination of medication and cognitive-behavioral therapy turned his life around. Instead of playing catch up to life’s demands, he got ahead and made his own demands. The days of distractions and lack of motivation became a thing of the past and he is now able to manage his emotions and behaviors towards work, school, and personal life. In fact, when he got the chance, he went on a much-needed vacation to relax and unwind.

An ADHD Therapy in San Diego for Adults Can Help You Get Better at Life

Many people often misunderstand ADHD to be a simple case of bad behavior or lack of motivation. Others think that medication can fix everything. These misconceptions can put you at risk of losing a lot in terms of relationships, ambitions, simple daily goals, and more. With ADHD, your behavior could go out of control and you fail to meet life’s demands. It’s not easy going through all the symptoms of your condition alone.  The support of family and friends may not be enough to get you through the critical phases of this condition. You will need a more in-depth treatment plan that works long-term.

Getting an ADHD psych evaluation with San Diego’s Peak Wellness Psychiatry clinic would be one of the best decisions you will make in your life. Peak Wellness’ team of mental health care providers can provide you with the treatment that fits your specific needs. You can look forward to better days with our holistic treatment approach that others rarely offer. The first step is to contact us and set an appointment for an initial ADHD psych evaluation.

We also help people with other mental conditions such as bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety disorder, among others. Give us a call today!