What Expectations Should I Have with ADHD Treatment?

Do you have ADHD and feel the only way to cope is through medication? It turns out ADHD medication management is a common approach in mainstream psychiatry. If you were to do extensive research on ADHD outcome studies, you would likely find studies that reference ADHD outcomes in terms of “symptom management” or “symptom reduction.” 

The problem with this symptom management model in mainstream psychiatry is that patients often continue experiencing ADHD symptoms even after medication treatment. Practitioners often give patients the expectation just to learn to live with their ADHD symptoms.

But is the symptom management approach really the best solution for you? Can ADHD be treated without medication? What if there was a more effective way to treat ADHD that helps you manage your symptoms with medication prescription and prevents them from returning and moving you toward wellness?


Keep reading the blog to find answers to these questions.


A Better Approach to ADHD Treatment

If you’re seeking positive outcomes in ADHD treatment, a more effective approach is available than just managing symptoms. 

An integrative approach takes a comprehensive look at ADHD treatment by combining first-line prescription medications medication while also addressing essential domains of 

It’s crucial to understand that the ADHD symptoms like the ones below can also stem from environmental causes. 

Unfortunately, neglecting to address the root causes of ADHD adequately, patients are left solely managing their symptoms with little direction. Adopting a purely symptom-based treatment approach often overlooks the crucial role that underlying environmental factors play in the development of the disorder.


The Good News About ADHD Integrative Approach

Is there such a thing as an ADHD treatment without medication? What we recommend is an integrative approach. This approach can enhance the effectiveness of stimulant medication treatment for ADHD. It helps patients align their lifestyle, mind, and body with what they really want. In our experience, when these areas of the patient’s life align, patients get the most out of their prescriptions. 

In addition, we find that longer appointment times for medication management allow us to collaboratively address the patient’s concerns to uncover the root cause of the patient’s ADHD symptoms. This integrative approach is far more effective and beneficial for the patient than the conventional 15-minute psychiatry visits, which only concentrate on symptom management and may not always be in the patient’s best interest.


What Is Being Left Out of Your ADHD Treatment? 

The problem with the symptom management model of traditional psychiatry is that it often overlooks the numerous causes of ADHD symptoms. Often, patients come to us feeling exhausted at their job, stressed out, and having difficulty working from their office or home. Despite already being on first-line ADHD medications, most patients only receive partial relief and continue to experience ADHD symptoms.

Common problem areas for symptoms can include: 

In most cases, medications alone fail to address all these contributing factors when looking at treatment outcomes regarding symptom reduction. There are always some symptoms to reduce with this symptom management approach. 

The reality is that each patient faces unique challenges in work, school, and personal life that continue to impact their ADHD symptoms even after taking their prescriptions. These factors make a one-size-fits-all approach ineffective. We can provide a more comprehensive and effective treatment plan by considering all the factors contributing to their symptoms. And that is why an integrative approach is essential.


What a Wellness Approach Can Do for Your Medication Outcomes

Now, the question is, what is a reasonable ADHD treatment outcome? The key lies in an integrative approach to medication management. This approach is likely to improve treatment outcomes because it is more comprehensive and goes beyond symptom management than traditional psychiatry. It involves not just medication prescriptions but also delving into the root causes of ADHD, including neurophysiology-related issues like 

An integrative approach addresses additional causes of ADHD through specific tests and supplements that you are unlikely to find in traditional symptom management psychiatry. Through the course of medication management and evaluation, we can identify each patient’s unique combination of factors that contribute to their ADHD symptoms and work towards moving from symptom management to wellness. 

And the results? We have seen a remarkable improvement in ADHD outcomes through this more integrative approach to medication management.


Make the Right Choice for Your Health. Get the Care You Deserve!

If you’re still feeling the effects of ADHD despite taking medication or are considering which ADHD medications may be right for you, don’t worry. There’s help available! There are effective treatment approaches to enhance your outcomes greatly. 

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