The Shocking Truth of Why You Can’t Find Online Psychiatrist That Takes Insurance

A lot of people wonder why it’s so hard to find an online psychiatrist that takes insurance. It was difficult pre-pandemic and more difficult now that people need more mental health support. Big cities like New York, Washington, and Los Angeles, where the demand for mental health care is higher take a serious hit.

It seems that most, if not all clinics can only give excuses to patients in need, such as a full schedule, no longer taking insurance, or do not call back. And those who are in dire need are left with a hope that they can chance upon an online psychiatrist that takes insurance.

Because it’s tough to find psychiatrists who take insurance, most of them are often fully booked to accommodate the next patient. Either that or you need to go through a painstaking process and considerations before getting the health assistance that you need.

But why is such a phenomenon happening? Are there negative circumstances for psychiatrists that take insurance? Let’s take a closer look.

The Struggle is Real: Finding Psychiatrists that Takes Insurance in and Out of Network

If you are looking for a psychiatrist that takes insurance, you are likely to be looking for a while. As psychiatric care providers become more in-demand and gain returning clientele more quickly, the time to reevaluate finances becomes quicker. And even this can be sped up if they have good marketing in place.

Reviewing finances and business includes determining whether accepting insurance is doing more harm to their business’ financial health than help. Many professionals within psychiatric care tend to do away with accepting insurance over time because of the burden the insurance places on them.

To name a few:

  • The kind of care that most insurances cover is limited
  • The amount of paperwork involved
  • Administrative issues and the low reimbursement rates are also other factors that discourage many therapists

Anxiety & Depression Association of America board member and licensed clinical social worker, Ken Goodman makes twice as much if he just accepts cash, so he discontinued his insurance provider.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness conducted a survey in 2016, and results say that around 34% of the subjects have difficulty finding a psychiatrist that takes insurance. About 9% had a hard time finding in-network primary care providers.

In 2017, a consulting firm, Milliman, found that the primary care visit rate was only 3.2%, while out-of-network consultations were 17.2%. Similarly, Millman analyzed the insurance claims data in 2019 and found that beneficiaries of out-of-network providers have higher consultation rates than primary care.

How Much Can You Spend for a Psychiatrist Without Insurance?

If you can’t find a psychiatrist that takes insurance, your only choice is to pay out of pocket, which could cost you a lot of money. The rate depends on which state or city you live in, but the standard rate for a seasoned clinical psychologist already may cost over $300 per 45 minutes.

According to the National Association of Social Workers, licensed clinical social workers charge $120 – $180. Using other benefits, a small portion of the fee can be reimbursed. That’s because insurance companies pay only one-third to half of their standard rates. Some psychiatrists are discouraged by the amount of paperwork and the policies that cover the kind of care they provide.

Meanwhile, the most sought-after psychiatric care providers can freely take insurance or not. Most of the sought-after professionals prefer to take out-of-pocket payments because they make more this way.

Do Insurance Companies Care?

Because of the challenging process of booking a psychiatrist who takes insurance, many who need mental care are frustrated, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which impacted the well-being of many people. But do insurance companies see the issue and are they doing something about it?

To address the growing demand, insurance companies like Anthem Inc. have added 2,000 more psychiatric care providers to fill its telehealth program. The company has also started reviewing reimbursements regularly to make sure that primary care providers are properly compensated.

Other insurance groups have followed suit, some of which have started improving their numbers in the last five years. It may take some time for insurance companies to expand their network massively but the process has started. People who need medical attention can expect easier access to more psychiatric care providers in due time if this progress continues.

Peak Wellness Psychiatry’s Inclusive Mental Health Care Programs In-Person and Online Makes It a Diamond in the Rough

In these challenging times, finding an online psychiatrist that takes insurance is a hustle. Many people who are in dire need of quality and cost-effective mental care assistance feel frustrated. However, if you look further, Peak Wellness Psychiatry is a hidden gem.

Peak Wellness is a psychiatric care provider that offers quality mental health care affordable by accepting insurance. They will take care of you through its wide range of programs that are beneficial for your mental well-being.

Peak Wellness also provides online and personal consultations with its professional psychiatric care team. They will offer the best and most suitable treatments with a medical or non-medical approach, or a combination of both depending on your needs.

Most notably, Peak Wellness distinguishes itself by offering a holistic treatment method for individuals who need an alternative approach to their treatment. Only a few psychiatric clinics offer a diverse treatment program but they are not 100% accessible. With Peak Wellness, quality and affordable mental health care are within your reach.

Your Next Step as a Patient: Finding an Online Psychiatrist That Takes Insurance

The pandemic means different things to different people. The government limited the movement of the public to control the spread of the virus so most transactions are being conducted online. Health care is no exception. Telehealth consultations have been around even before the pandemic, but it became widely used when COVID broke out. This kind of digital growth created new opportunities for both patients and mental healthcare providers alike, and insurance companies are following through.

Because telehealth is digital and physical consultation is unnecessary, patients can have access to a larger pool of online psychiatrists who take insurance. That said, you no longer need to worry about running out of insurance-friendly providers.

Peak Wellness Psychiatry will make it easier for you as our team of specialists is ready to assist you with your mental health concerns online. We also accept most major insurances. Talk to us to know more!

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