Holistic Psychiatric Care that Works!
Looking at the Whole Picture!

Psychiatric Care NPs provide psychiatric consultation, diagnosis, and treatment to adult patients by utilizing a mind-body-spirit approach. During your appointment, we will discuss options for cures, nutritional supplements when applicable, and healthy lifestyle changes. During follow-up appointments, your provider also provides supportive psychotherapy to patients. We can also offer holistic health counseling and support you in considering alternative recovery modalities based on your condition and choices.

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Holistic treatment from the comfort of your couch… Yes, You can keep your sweats on!

Psychiatrists San Diego, Psychiatric Care NPs use telepsychiatry for all appointments. Our system uses telecommunications technology such as video conferencing. It is HIPAA-compliant, and all of your personal information is kept secure and safe. This technology allows your provider to provide evaluations, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health conditions without you needing to be seen in person by your provider.

For telepsychiatry visits, an iPad, tablet, smartphone, or computer with a web camera and secure broadband connection are required. Your location can be anywhere that you feel most relaxed, private, and confidential.

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What significant changes & benefits from holistic psychiatric treatment?

Significant Benefits include:

  • Improved mental health outcomes through a holistic approach
  • There are no travel requirements for any of your telepsychiatry appointments
  • Improved work/life balance
  • Less wait time with flexible online scheduling that works best for your schedule
  • Personal access to your patient portal and education information
  • The same quality of care as an in-person visit
  • Equitable healthcare, regardless of your location within California
  • 100% electronic records that are both HIPPA compliant and secure
  • Currently, Psychiatrists San Diego, Psychiatric Care NPS do not offer any disability or worker’s compensation evaluations.

Examples of services offered include:

  • Psychiatric services for ages 18 and up
  • All sorts of mental health concerns such as mood, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADHD)
  • Developmental differences (autism spectrum, communication disorders, learning disorders, etc.)
  • Psychological trauma
  • Initial psychiatric consultation
  • Concerns about substance use or withdrawal (Providers do prescribe suboxone)
  • Mental health concerns due to physical health problems

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

This service involves an in-depth, thorough, structured consultation concerning your full history and current concerns, developing a diagnosis, and making treatment advice. Based on your health conditions, we may also plan for baseline laboratory testing. Depending on the condition, your provider may or may not suggest medications during this visit. In order to control duplicate medications and prescription errors, Psychiatrists San Diego, Psychiatric Care NPs generally do not refill existing medications until they have had a chance to review treatment records and/or contact your previous psychiatric provider.

Follow-up appointments

Follow-up telepsychiatry visits for medication management and assessments range from approximately 30 minutes. During these visits, your provider also provides supportive psychotherapy to patients. Psychiatrists San Diego, Psychiatric Care NPS also offer follow-up life counseling and coaching. This service is well-suited for clients who are working on creating positive lifestyle changes or for those who want to improve their mental and physical health. This supportive therapy approach is also perfect for clients wanting extra help with managing chronic health conditions.

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Insurance and Payment

Psychiatrists San Diego, Psychiatric Care NPs are in-network with United Healthcare, Optum, United Behavioral Health, Anthem Blue Cross PPO, UMR, Aetna, Meritain, CIGNA, Humana, and GEHA.

If you provide your current insurance details during the online scheduling process, our billing department will take the initiative to directly reach out to your insurance company in order to assess your insurance benefits. Following your appointment, the payment will be processed using the card on file, accounting for any applicable charges based on your in-network insurance coverage. The Initial Psychiatric Evaluation is available at a cash pay rate of $289 for those without insurance. For subsequent follow-up appointments, the cash pay rate is $159.

In the event that your insurance is out of network, your provider can supply you with the necessary documentation to be submitted to your insurance company as an out-of-network provider. It’s important to note that if your claim is declined, you will be responsible for settling the remaining balance. Your provider is more than willing to address any questions or concerns regarding this matter when you arrange your appointment. In today’s landscape, psychiatric services are typically covered by a majority of comprehensive health insurance plans; nevertheless, it is crucial to confirm this information with your insurance provider for complete clarity.

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