True Story of Adult ADHD San Diego: 10 Cups of Coffee a Day! Successful Treatment WITHOUT MEDICATION

adhd and coffee

As a high-level executive, our client was drinking coffee to help him be more productive, motivated, and organized. Little did he know, he was suffering with adult ADHD (which is more common than believed in San Diego).

Any person who does not fully comprehend ADHD would say a stimulant, like coffee, for a hyperactive individual is counter-intuitive. But the psychiatric care providers at San Diego Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Care NPs know better. In fact, as adult ADHD specialists in San Diego, we would want to understand why it is helping you treat your ADHD symptoms and get to the root of your cause. However, it’s worth understanding the long-term effects and cost to your well-being it can have.

Why the fuss about coffee intake anyway? It has become a part of many adult’s morning rituals that they can’t start a day without it. It’s also a favorite companion of people under pressure during work hours especially when they want to stay awake and alert. But is coffee harmful or safe for adults with ADHD?

The fact is, we have seen using caffeine (like coffee) as a crutch to managing adult ADHD. While there seems to be no negative impact on the surface, the long-term consequences will show the damage you may be doing to your body.

One client, a high-level executive, found coffee helped him have a more productive day and kept him more motivated and organized. But before he knew it, one cup a day had evolved into 8-9 cups a day just to meet the demands of his job.

He knew something was wrong and this was unsustainable; he couldn’t keep this up forever. And when he finally sought out the adult ADHD psychiatric care professionals with our San Diego psychiatric care professionals, they agreed.

First, Let’s Talk About Coffee

Like tea, coffee can have health benefits. It can be good for your heart, kidney, and liver. Coffee can also help regulate sugar levels, ward off certain cancers, and prevent Alzheimer’s in some people.

However, coffee is not beneficial for everyone, especially those with certain conditions that interact with caffeine.  The Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggest a maximum of five cups or a maximum of 400 milligrams of caffeine a day. But the amount of coffee intake depends on your condition. The measurement is different for pregnant women or people with certain health conditions, like ADHD.

adhd and coffee

What Happens When You Drink Too Much Coffee?

Excessive caffeine intake has various outcomes, such as: 

  • Elevated blood pressure 
  • Anxiety 
  • Sleeping issues 
  • Increased heart rate 
  • Digestive problems 
  • Caffeine addiction 
  • Muscle breakdown 

Again, consuming the recommended amount of coffee is ok. If you are taking any ADHD medication, you may want to slow down or quit the habit completely. It is best to talk to an adult ADHD San Diego and California specialist as a precaution.  

adhd and coffeeDrinking Excessive Coffee as an Executive – Did It Even Help His Adult ADHD San Diego Lifestyle?  

Due to his non-stop schedule, demanding deadlines, and frequent travel, it took our patient sometime before finally seeing a psychiatric care provider. He’s a successful executive whose hands are always full, so coffee became his regular companion while working. On a normal day, he would drink 8-9 cups of coffee a day and it helped him function according to the demands of his profession. 

So, did it help? Yes! But the crashes after the caffeine started to become a problem. Each crash was harder and becoming more frequent. How could he maintain drinking this much coffee, let alone more? And was there something else at play as to why he even needed so much coffee, to begin with?  


Why Did He Need So Much Coffee Anyway?   

In most cases, adult ADHD patients are unaware of their own condition and they only seek professional help at their breaking point. Part of the reason for this is that so many adults find ways to adapt to the strain ADHD puts on their daily life. They find coping mechanisms so they can function, and even often be very successful unaware that what they are experiencing is not completely normal. 

Because of his ADHD, the executive was understimulated in the prefrontal cortex. This often results in less dopamine, and key parts of the motivation, organization, and reward systems that are regulated by that part of the brain. 

Adult ADHD brains often tend to crave stimulation since they are missing it. When they find stimulation, it is rewarded in being able to focus, stay motivated, and an influx of dopamine. Caffeine is naturally a stimulant that plays into this cycle, and you can probably see why it can become addictive and feel more and more necessary to have more overtime. Not all patients can recognize this when living undiagnosed.  

Fortunately, this is not the case with our patient. Although he may not have been fully aware of the extent of his adult ADHD, he knew that much coffee was too much. In his initial visit, he was already making progress with caffeine tolerance, reducing his daily consumption.  

What Holistic Psychiatrists in San Diego Recommend for His ADHD: Treatment Without Medication for Adult ADHD

Through our interview session, we found that what he needed was a bit of lifestyle modification to bring balance. He is a successful executive with a handful of job responsibilities, and this had taken too much time away from his much-needed self-care.  

His psychiatric care provider discouraged drinking coffee in that excess, and really try to limit consumption at all if on any stimulant medication. As part of his ADHD treatment (which focused on treatment without medication appropriate for adults), we also recommended the following: 

adhd and coffeeEngage in mindfulness activities  

Mindfulness comes in many forms. A short vacation can qualify as a mindfulness activity, giving a person time to reflect and unwind. New studies suggest that Transcendental meditation improves brain functions by blocking irrelevant information and allowing the person to focus. Aside from focus, the purpose of mindfulness is to help our patients find balance in life.  

Our patient needed to step back from his intense lifestyle. He needed to enjoy a more laid-back set of activities, so we recommended meditation. This helped calm his system down free from caffeine indulgence, and the result has been positive so far.

Outdoor activities  

We also recommended outdoor and other physical activities to help reduce stress levels. This could get him off excessive caffeine intake. As for our patient, he found paddleboarding to be a de-stressing activity.  

This line-up of activities aims to bring the patient back into a state of wellness–rather than solely focusing on symptom management. Our San Diego psychiatrists and psychiatric care providers apply a holistic approach that addresses various aspects of the patient’s condition to ensure long-term improvements.  

While the patient can take medication alongside mindfulness routines and lifestyle adjustments, the holistic approach can work as an adult ADHD treatment without medication for some patients. We have a team of adult ADHD specialists in our San Diego clinic to talk to if you want to know more about what treatment works for your best.  

Holistic Approach for Adult ADHD San Diego Living: Our Psychiatric Care Provider’s ADHD Treatment Without Medication for Adults Can Change Your Life 

If you think that achieving lifestyle changes through an ADHD treatment without medication for adults is impossible, think again. Today, you can choose from a range of medication and holistic treatment methods to alleviate the symptoms of adult ADHD and give you lasting improvements.  

Keep this in mind as you find a holistic psychiatrist near you, a good psychiatric care provider will perform a thorough assessment to determine what adult ADHD treatment approach suits you best. Those who dismiss a session after a brief talk may not have your best interest. Choose an adult ADHD specialist who offers you a flexible and individualized treatment program. Consider working with our premier adult ADHD specialists. 

Our clinic specializes in adult ADHD San Diego treatment options, based around our holistic treatmen methodt. As much as possible, we want to give our patients the best and most life-changing psychiatric care. Based on in-depth consultations, our ADHD psychiatrists in San Diego layout a comprehensive ADHD treatment without medication for adults. We also prescribe a well-suited medication or a combination of a medical and holistic treatment program.  

Our adult ADHD psychiatric providers in San Diego are ready to help you. Let’s sit down and talk about your options for better days ahead. Call us today or book an appointment through our website.