Salesman with Depression Can’t Focus at Work & San Diego Psychiatrist Shares His Story.

Conditions affecting your mental functioning and behavioral responses pose huge challenges. Depression may be one reason you cannot focus at work. Inability to concentrate is one of its primary symptoms. A lot of people dismiss it as it doesn’t seem as troubling as disinterest in daily activities or suicidal attempts. But, loss of focus can greatly impact your life.

It’s exactly what our patient had gone through. As a high-functioning salesman, he was not aware that he had been suffering from depression for a long-time. After all, it would not make sense as he was still able to accomplish many things at work. But the time came when the symptoms started to manifest and he knew he had to consult a San Diego psychiatrist for depression.

What Is High-Functioning Depression?

Often, people assume depression as inactive, extremely sad, and non-functional. They fail at school or can’t hold a job because of their condition. While this is true for some cases, there is another type of depression called dysthymia, or high-functioning.

High-functioning depression is the co-existence of normalcy and deviation. While individuals with high-functioning depression can function normally and meet life’s demands, they are also withdrawn and disinterested in many activities. For a period, they feel better and then feel at their lowest the next; some get by despite the awful feeling, while others are super successful and high-achievers.

Can Depression Make You Unable To Focus At Work? A Salesman Finds Out

Depression is a complex condition that affects individuals in different ways. Some people experience symptoms of depression where they feel hopeless and suicidal. Others feel extremely down and unmotivated but still manage to perform basic tasks. They manage to accomplish whatever life requires of them despite feeling the symptoms at certain points in their lives.

Our patient is a salesman who gets by despite his ill feelings, but his inability to focus on tasks at work and at home has become unbearable. He decided to get himself checked by a San Diego psychiatrist to know the reason behind his poor performance.


Although he could perform basic tasks at work, the process of accomplishing them was challenging because of his inability to concentrate. At the end of each day, he would feel exhausted.

The weekends were no different. It was almost impossible for him to get things done, let alone finish what he started. Instead of continuing, he would end up sleeping more instead. His lack of motivation added to his failure to meet his goals.


Because his motivation and energy are low, he also found it hard to socialize even with family. He was significantly withdrawn and would rather spend time on his own. Making plans with other people was too demanding. On many occasions, he canceled meet-ups to avoid interaction.

Being aloof is another symptom of depression. Although he could still communicate somehow, he would rather shun social gatherings no matter the size of the crowd.

Getting Medical Treatment For Depression After Diagnosis

There is no doubt that the depression got the best of our patient, who started wondering why he was behaving in such a way. There would be a time when everything worked normally and a time when he got worse. This had become a cycle and if it continues, his relationships and job were at stake. He suspected that something was up but didn’t know why it was happening.

Out of his desire to get better for good, he decided to address the issue and consult our San Diego psychiatrists.


After an in-depth assessment, our San Diego psychiatrists diagnosed our patient with high-functioning depression (persistent depressive disorder (PDD) or dysthymia) with co-occurring anxiety disorder. Surprisingly, we found that he’s been experiencing this since his high school years. This explained the lack of concentration, lack of motivation, disinterest in daily activities and socializing, and frequent exhaustion, among other symptoms.


One of our San Diego psychiatrists, Ryan Thebo, prescribed the anti-depressant Lexapro as a medical treatment for anxiety and depression. Lexapro (escitalopram) is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), a common medication prescribed for depression and anxiety. It balances the serotonin levels in the brain and nerves.

Within two weeks of taking Lexapro, his mood gradually improved. The result was not immediate, but our patient noticed the changes. The constant rumination of negative thoughts slowly eased and he started to control his emotions better. Anxiety was no longer a huge issue. The patient’s motivation and drive increased, too, resulting in more work being done.

By two months of taking the medication, he was in remission of depression. He was able to enjoy his life, balancing work and his personal and social life. In our patient’s case, Lexapro is the best medical treatment for depression.

Depression, Can’t Focus At Work: If You Suspect You Are Depressed, Get Help in San Diego ASAP

Your constant inability to focus on things should be enough to warrant medical consultation. Depression: can’t focus at work– it’s a common connection that is commonly missed by patients. Getting an immediate assessment goes a long way. Determining whether your symptoms are a serious indication of depression will help you get the right medications and/or treatment for your depression.

Is medication the best treatment for medication? This depends on the evaluation performed by your San Diego psychiatrist. A reliable mental health care provider will examine and evaluate your symptoms and medical history to develop the right diagnosis and treatment program.

Psychiatrists San Diego Psychiatric Care NPS is a team of mental health care providers that offers various comprehensive treatment programs for depression, anxiety, and other conditions. We use holistic diagnostic and treatment approaches to ensure you get the right treatment until you fully recover.

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